Here we find ourselves in a town that is brimming with history. Castielfabib is a royal town that has belonged to the Valencian Courts ever since the Spanish Reconquista (1210). It sits atop a rock which overlooks the Ebrón river valley, controlling the entrance to the Kingdom of Valencia, a strategic position where many civilisations have left their mark. The remains of the walled precinct, the castle and the imposing Church-Fortress of Our Lady of the Angels, together with the Town Hall and the Convent of Saint William, are some of the most important monuments in the town, while its grid of steep, narrow streets hides some unique examples of traditional architecture. Don’t miss out on its hamlets, which include Arroyo Cerezo, Cuesta del Rato, Los Santos, Mas de Jacinto and Mas de los Mudos; the banks, channels and meadows of the rivers Ebrón and Turia; and Muela del Royo, where we can find the Cross of the Three Kingdoms.


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