El Rincón
de Ademuz

Seven is the number of completion, of perfection, just like there are seven days in a week, seven celestial sages and seven spheres. Seven are the towns that comprise this comarca, in addition to their corresponding hamlets which, despite their differences in architecture and landscape, are all linked through a shared history and idiosyncrasy that is essential to find out more about.

The enclave of Rincón de Ademuz is surrounded by the land of Cuenca and Teruel, and it presents its visitors with a rich cultural and human heritage which can be enjoyed from high up in its lush inland river valleys and lofty Mediterranean mountains.
This is a land of contrasts at a crossroads between different landscapes and cultures. From its green river valleys, we traverse arid Mediterranean terrain and steppes before reaching towering mountains. This diversity is also reflected in its culture, where we find local elements intertwined with those of Valencia, Aragón and Castile-La Mancha. In addition to its cultural and natural heritage, Rincón de Ademuz also boasts a rich gastronomy featuring dishes such as arroz empedrao (rice with beans and cod), gachas (a traditional pudding made from flour, oil, garlic and paprika) and cured dry sausages.