Multipurpose building

This building is similar to those found in other places in Rincón de Ademuz, such as Sesga, Val de la Sabina and Torrealta, where the communal oven shares space with and heats other rooms such as the school, barbershop and Town Hall. Here in particular, the bakery is located on the ground floor, as it traditionally is, with its flagstone floor and Moorish oven which was used by the residents until very recently.
On one half of the first floor is the barbershop, which also doubled up as a meeting place for the villagers and prison cell. Next door, on the other side of the first floor is the school.
In the barbershop, we can still see a small collection of the tools of the trade that were used in this very building.
The classroom remains intact, along with its period decoration exactly as it was when it shut over half a century ago, leaving behind an authentic and touching museum. The inkwells are still on the stools, maps hang on the walls and you can almost make out the cheerful cries of the children. Here, the fire heated the different rooms while also producing food to provide the inhabitants with health and wisdom.

From here, we can embark on a route of the hamlet’s other edifices, such as the brickyard which is still standing and where we can see all of the tools that were once used there, two plaster ovens and the hydraulic complex comprising the fountain, waterhole, laundry room, fulling mill, irrigation canals and pool.

All of the pre-industrial buildings in Sesga, along with some in Ademuz, were the recipient of the first Europa Nostra Award in 2011.